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BLU SMOKE, a record label that was designed to introduce the world to the diverse artistic abilities, of writers, producers, rappers, & singers, from the state of ALABAMA, is on a steady path to success.  

    The primary  focus of  BLU SMOKE is to  dispel the insane notion that there isn't any true talent in the south, especially in ALABAMA.  We are not satisfied with releasing music that has been heard a thousand times before.  The development of new concepts, and new sounds, is key to our advancement.  Other labels may revel in just being "THUG" or "GANGSTA", while we celebrate all facets of  urban culture.  We concentrate on politics, urban advancement, relationships, sexuality, sensuality, religion, and yes of course partying and having a good time!

     Yes we are southern, and while we sip Remy' others drink Cristal. While we ride Cadillacs, others ride Bentleys, and while we may like just a little bit more 808 droppin' in your trunk, we still represent every hood, every burrow, every suburb, every dreamer, and every dream.

     BLU SMOKE supersedes locale expectations, and shows that the quality of music, and the desire to excel, has nothing to do with the region in which you live.

J-ROD introducing Show

The much anticipated debut album from Montgomery's 6foot giant of hip-hop has finally been released.  The album accurately entitled "....YOU KNOW" is packed full of imagery, vivid story telling and hard pounding tracks.

This album also features all star stellar performances from other artist in the area including RODNEY "MR SMOOTH" WILKERSON, FREDA BROWN, and label mates "LOOSE CANNONS" and PATSY "JAGUE" SMITH.

On this album J-Rod is Joined by SHOW, his younger brother.  This pair creates a one two punch not heard anywhere else in the industry.  With similarities  to Meth & Red, or 8ball & MJG, this collaboration of tongue twisting rhymes and in your face attitude, is a winner in today's sometimes bland music scene.

Songs like "Pullin"  showcase J-Rod's extreme talent for tongue twisting, while "Quicksand" focuses on society's problems, and the only way to solve them. This song has a gospel flair and a more sensitive tone for J-Rod & Show. The song "Azz" is definitely one for the clubs, strip-clubs especially.  Fast paced with a hard hittin' bass line, hand claps, and in yo' face highs, J-Rod and Show definitely turn up the heat on this one.

Overall this is a classic. One that you can put in your cd player and from track 1 to 21, just let it ride!!!!



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